Micro Hi-Fi

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Micro HiFi - Mac Audio MMC 400

The MMC 400 is extremely classy in a timelessly simple design and attracts attention immediately even in a design-oriented living room.
249.00 € 199.00 €

Micro HiFi - Mac Audio MMC 700

Modern and stylish describes the design of the MMC 70 mini-system, which makes a clear statement both acoustically and visually with its blue and red LED flashlights in the speakers.
330.00 € 249.00 €

Micro HiFi - Mac Audio MMC 750

A full 200 watts of maximum power output ensures powerful sound and an exuberant party mood with the MMC 750.
299.00 € 269.00 €

Micro HiFi - Mac Audio MMC 880 Hero

Restraint is not the strength of the MMC 880 HERO sound system: the integrated amplifier offers a whopping 800 watts maximum output power, in combination with the bass boost function the bass reflex system delivers the deepest bass and a full, dynamic sound.
399.00 € 349.00 €

Micro HiFi - Mac Audio MMC 900

With maximum output power of 400 watts, two 160 mm subwoofers and also two 45 mm tweeters, the Mac Audio Party Sound System fills even larger party rooms with sound - and no compromises.
460.00 €