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PA Speakers - Mac Audio Soundforce 1200

The smallest party loudspeaker in the Mac Audio Soundforce range nevertheless displays very impressive dimensions and delivers extremely high load capacity as well as huge acoustic pressure.
99.00 € 89.00 €

PA Speakers - Mac Audio Soundforce 1300

The 3-way bass-reflex PA speaker is the ideal playing partner when it comes to extreme sound pressure and high load capacity.
149.00 € 129.00 €

PA Speakers - Mac Audio Soundforce 2300

Supports extremely high loads, produces extremely high acoustic pressure!
279.00 € 239.00 €

PA Speakers - Mac Audio Soundforce 3800

A real spectacle is guaranteed with the Soundforce 3800 3-way bass reflex speaker.
299.00 € 249.00 €

PA Speakers - Mac Audio PA 1500

Performance full! The new party system from Mac Audio delivers 1,000 watts of pure power amp power and is equipped for any extreme situation with a larger-than-average sized 38cm woofer and a 38mm titanium horn tweeter.
388.00 € 349.00 €